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The Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act (H.R. 2415)

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More information about the H.R. 2415:

Introduced by Representatives Jayapal [D-WA-7] and Smith [D-WA-9] on April 30, 2019, this bill was introduced in response to Attorney General Barr’s efforts to indefinitely detain immigrants by 1) mandating that all detained immigrants have access to a bond hearing before an immigration judge, and 2) shifting the burden to the government to prove that asylum seekers and other immigrants should be detained because they pose a risk to the community or a flight risk.

The Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act also targets the inhumane conditions of detention centers that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) uses to house tens of thousands of immigrants. It would end the use of private prisons and county jails to detain immigrants, set humane standards for detention facilities, increase oversight of these facilities to eliminate abuse, and better protect the civil rights of immigrant detainees.

Specifically, the Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act would:

  • Ensure all immigrants receive individualized and fair bond hearings by ending the use of mandatory detention of certain immigrants and requiring DHS to establish probable cause of removability within 48 hours of detention
  • Prevent the detention of a primary caregiver (and other vulnerable populations) unless the government can show it is unreasonable or not practicable to place the caregiver in community-based supervision enabling more families to stay together
  • End the use of private prisons and county jails for immigration detention over a three-year phase-out period
  • Improve detention standards for detention facilities housing immigrants by requiring DHS to match the civil detention standards set forth by the American Bar Association’s Civil Immigration Detention Standards
  • Require the DHS Office of Inspector General to conduct random spot checks of all immigration detention facilities and stiffen penalties for facilities found to be in violation of DHS’ improved civil detention standards
  • Require DHS to investigate all deaths of immigrants in its custody and issue a public report within 60 days

See the full text of the bill here.

See ACLU’s statement to the House Committee on the Judiciary – Immigration and Citizenship Subcommittee regarding the hearing on “The Expansion and Troubling Use of ICE Detention” Sept. 26, 2019 here.